Universal Robotics is uniquely qualified to provide intelligent flexible automation applications. Due to unanticipated variation in object orientation and constantly changing SKUs, materials handling solutions require flexibility in automation. To accomplish this, applications require 3D sensing, reactive control and spatial intelligence. These three requirements – sensing, control, and intelligence – form the three software families underlying Universal’s applications.  Universal Robotics sells software applications based on Neocortex - the patented interactive intelligence software –  that enable machines to react and adapt to their surroundings, and perform tasks that are costly, dangerous or difficult for humans to undertake.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that transportation and warehousing has the highest non-fatal occupational injury rate of all sectors. Overexertion injuries are the biggest cause of this injury incident rate. To mitigate these risks in a cost effective way, Universal targets random bin picking, mixed depalletizingbox moving, and random bag picking robotic tasks.  In addition, 3D inspection is often a complementary capability added for qualitative or quantitative assessment. Neo 4.1 App Summary for Web

Universal’s experts select just the right mix of sensors for the best price/performance results.  Universal’s partners typically provide the robot and other factory automation and safety equipment, as well as install the complete flexible robotic work cell solution.

The Neocortex 3D Inspection Application delivers accurate 3D using just the right mix of sensors – whether cameras, state-of-the-art structured light sensors, lasers, infrared signals, time of flight, or other devices. Through high-speed parallel processing, Universal delivers real-time inspection of complex objects or parts too large for one sensor. It can also be combined with other applications for inspecting a wide range of fixed or deformable objects, either clear or reflective, as well as deliver qualitative assessments of surfaces such as wood.

Identifying complex parts randomly placed in a bin is a specialty of Universal Robotics. With the introduction of the Neocortex Random Bin Picking Application, Universal delivers high speed 3D using a range of off-the-shelf sensors for picking hard-to-identify objects with single arm articulating 6-axis robots or 3 to 4-axis delta robots. Random bin picking is often combined with bar code reading and part inspection to enable robotic sorting when placing the part in the correct location for next step of the process.

Universal Robotics brings expertise to enable identifying a wide range of deformable bags. Universal’s patent pending technology found in the Neocortex Random Bag Picking Application enables object recognition of highly reflective bags with or without labels, including partially filled clear bags. Whether the bags are black, white, Mylar or clear, or burlap, this application locates multiple bags for real-time robot vision guidance.

The Neocortex Unlimited Box Moving and Neocortex Unlimited Depalletization Applications are the industry’s first applications to handle any SKU, even those never seen before, in any random orientation. These applications use a combination of simple sensors for identification of any box from 4 to 46 inches in any dimension, and can opportunistically determine when the robot can do single, double, or triple picks. These applications identify boxes with a wide variety of different shipping or SKU labels, making it ideal for handling the variety found in a distribution center.

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