Universal applications share similar benefits:
 Fast – Up to 60 objects per minute
 Adaptable – Objects in any orientation or tilt
 Flexible – Rigid/semi-rigid, opaque/clear objects
 Scalable – Off The Shelf 3D Sensors
 Tested – Greater than 3 sigma reliability
 ROI – Less than 24 months payback


Universal applications deliver flexible automation to:
Random bin picking
Mixed depalletizing
Box moving
Random bag picking
3D inspection (often complementary to other applications)

Universal Robotics is uniquely qualified to provide intelligent flexible automation applications. Due to unanticipated variation in object orientation and constantly changing SKUs, materials handling solutions require flexibility in automation. To accomplish this, applications require 3D sensing, reactive control and spatial intelligence. These three requirements – sensing, control, and intelligence – form the three software families underlying Universal’s applications.  

Universal Robotics sells software applications based on Neocortex – the patented interactive intelligence software –  that enable machines to react and adapt to their surroundings, and perform tasks that are costly, dangerous or difficult for humans to undertake.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that transportation and warehousing has the highest non-fatal occupational injury rate of all sectors. Overexertion injuries are the biggest cause of this injury incident rate. These risks are mitigated by Universal’s applications that work The Way the Real World Works® – by enabling robotic handling of objects that in the past weren’t automatable.

This means that Neocortex provides flexibility that matches the way you run your business, and it does this with no additional engineering or capital outlay. By automatically handling a wide range of constantly changing parts, Neocortex reduces the need for manual change-overs.

The software platform is complemented by Universal’s experts selection of just the right mix of sensors for the best price/performance results. Universal’s partners typically provide the robot and other factory automation and safety equipment, as well as install the complete flexible robotic work cell solution.

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