Spatial Vision Robotics: 3D Vision Made Easy®

Spatial Vision® Robotics is 3D vision guidance software that contains communication, sensor calibration, robot calibration, and 2D & 3D image processing modules, as well as interfaces for robots, devices, and sensors. It is faster, has better accuracy, and is more flexible than other solutions. It works with every major brand of 3D sensor, camera and robot.

Universal Robotics recently introduced an affordable 3D Spatial Vision Robotics Package based on Spatial Vision® Robotics vision guidance software. New features include a wider range of sensor choices, faster processing time, and ability to compare barcodes with a database. The product enables robots to perform at maximum speed while providing accurate 3D locations for every move. The 3D vision guidance package, starting at $24,900, includes the software, sensor and industrial PC needed for robotic applications such as depalletizing, box moving, random bin picking, and part induction.

Spatial Vision Robotics makes machines see in 3D. Use it for real-time robotic 3D vision guidance. Neocortex, Universal’s machine learning software platform, makes machines learn from their environment. Use Neocortex with Spatial Vision’s real-time 3D vision guidance when applications require extreme flexibility or adaptability. Key applications with high SKU count or constantly changing SKUs include part induction, random bin picking, kitting, and random and unstructured de-palletizing. It’s Software with an IQ®.

Spatial Vision Robotics calibrates sensors to robots, provides image processing, and delivers the position and pose of an object in up to six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, yaw, pitch, roll). It has software resolution accuracy up to 1/10 of a pixel. Communication to PLCs, robots, and other devices is via Ethernet-based protocols. It also has 2.5D algorithms (double layers) and 2D pattern matching (single layer).

Spatial Vision Robotics interfaces to all sensors, and intrinsically calibrates their data, transforming the 3D data to a common work cell coordinate system. Universal, as a software engineering company, selects just the right price/performance mix of sensor hardware for your Application – whether Kinect sensors, USB or GigE cameras, structured light sensors, time of flight sensors, and/or lasers.

Spatial Vision Robotics communicates with popular robot controllers such as ABB, Denso, FANUC, Kawasaki, KUKA, Mitsubishi, Universal Robots, and Yaskawa Motoman Robotics. It also extrinsically calibrates (hand-eye) the robot machine to the sensors, transforming 3D data to a common coordinate system.

Spatial Vision Robotics Package

Guaranteed 3D real-world results at a price comparable to integrated DIY packages
Pre-configured for bin picking or depalletizing eliminates weeks of engineering
True 3D for handling random orientations of parts and boxes
Affordable – complete package starts at $24,900 USD

Spatial Vision Robotics Bin Picking Diagram

Spatial Vision Robotics Bin Picking Diagram

Spatial Vision Robotics Depalletizing Diagram

Spatial Vision Robotics Depalletizing Diagram

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