Spatial Vision Inspection: Real Time 3D Inspection

Spatial Vision® Inspection software contains communication, sensor calibration, 2D & 3D inspection, and 2D & 3D image processing modules, as well as interfaces for sensors.

Neocortex Applications use Spatial Vision Inspection modules, and provide 3D object recognition of random objects as well as object elements such as barcodes, labels, logos, shapes, surfaces, and patterns in varying locations for real-time qualitative and quantitative inspection.

Spatial Vision Inspection provides 3D accuracy up to 1/10 of a pixel. The resulting resolution depends upon the sensors chosen and the geometry of the work cell. 3D inspection applications provide ± 0.25 – 2.5mm accuracy, depending on the requirements of the task.

Spatial Vision Inspection interfaces to all sensors, and intrinsically calibrates their data, transforming the 3D data to a common work cell coordinate system. Universal, as a software engineering company, selects just the right price/performance mix of sensor hardware for your Application – whether Kinect sensors, USB or GigE cameras, structured light sensors, time of flight sensors, and/or lasers. This capability enables inspection of large objects up to 2,000mm in any direction. Inspection typically does not require lighting beyond ambient conditions.

Inspection Case Study

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