Universal Robotics Spatial Vision™ Inspection

Spatial Vision Inspection is software that provides multi-dimensional inspection of random objects. It accurately identifies objects never seen before in varying locations within a workcell. Since the software is capable of integrating with any sensor appropriate for the job, sensors may be one-half the cost of traditional approaches. It does it fast – with complete image capture from 4” to 4 ft in 0.4 seconds – 10X faster than most 3D approaches; while delivering up to 250 micron accuracy. It does not require fixturing, additional equipment, special safety precautions, or lighting beyond typical ambient conditions.

In this photo, Spatial Vision Inspection is measuring gaps in a wood pallet for comparison to quality standards. It performs dozens of measurements to ensure compliance with quality standards at typical production speeds. The information can be sent to existing pallet sorting software for further processing, sent directly to pneumatic controls for the next automation step, or displayed as summary data for a human operator.

Below are images from a 3D vision system, without any fixturing, that fits in a small two-foot section of conveyor and provides 100% on-the-fly inspection of each cap with respect its container as it moves down the conveyor. It delivers high-speed cap alignment measurements in 6 degrees of freedom – identifying lid misalignments to 0.5mm or ½ a thread pitch.

Spatial Vision Inspection connects and calibrates sensors and cameras, then generates an integrated spatial image, and analyzes the results. Integrating Spatial Vision Robotics combines inspection with high-speed vision guidance for machine control. When you add Universal’s learning software, Neocortex, it provides intelligence for operational analysis or flexible machine control in chaotic environments, enabling identification of task patterns and manipulation of never-before-seen objects.

Top Reasons to Buy

• Inspects beyond 3D – to Multi-Dimension
• Inspects random objects for any reason
• Uses any appropriate sensor
• 10X faster than traditional approaches
• Does not require special equipment or fixtures
• Easy to extend for intelligent flexible automation

Key Applications

Spatial Vision Inspection works well as a stand alone software solution, or can be combined with Spatial Vision Robotics for vision guidance and Neocortex for intelligent flexible automation for numerous applications:

• Random part inspection
• Bottle/Container Cap Alignment Inspection
Random bin picking
• Pallet inspection
• Inbound shipping damage inspection
• Packaging inspection
• Truck unloading

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