Neocortex Goods to Robot Cell – Flexibility @ Speed

Bin Picking
Order Fulfillment
Machine Tending
Part Induction
Bag Picking

Neocortex® Goods to Robot Cell is the first plug-and-play robotic work cell targeting high-mix / high-volume applications scaled to a human form factor. It combines the ease of use and deployment of collaborative robots with the speed and strength of industrial robots.  Its compact design allows the Cell to be set into existing manual work stations without modifications. The Cell is operational within a day.  Neocortex artificial intelligence provides for human-like flexibility at speeds far faster and more consistent than manual labor.

  • Flexible: cartons, bottles, tubes, bags, cans
  • Fast: up to 1,000 picks per hour
  • Learns: no programming
  • Easy Installation: operational in a day
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