Dr. Richard Alan Peters – Introduction to Image Processing

Dr. Peters is Universal Robotics’ Chief Technology Officer. His 20-lecture series on Image Processing was created over the past 13 years for his course, EECE/CS 253, at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. These lectures are the world’s most popular educational image processing downloads.

As the leader in 3D and intelligent flexible automation, Universal Robotics offers these, without any registration required, to anyone who wants a quick tutorial on digital image processing. These lectures are a starting point for more advanced image applications such as 3D vision guidance, 3D inspection, computer vision, machine vision and other vision solutions.

The lectures explain image morphology such as sharpening and edge detection that enable finding and tracking objects, and sampling and filtering for highlighting object features as required in less-than-ideal lighting situations. Other topics such as image warping and rotation are important when transforming cartesian 3D points across five axes (base, robot arm, EOAT, cameras, object) at real-time speed for a multi-axis machine.



World’s Most Popular Image Processing Lecture File (PDF) Downloads!

These lectures are sets of slides in .PDF format, and are quite large because of the images in them. Topics include: Image Enhancement by Point Operations, Color Correction, The 2-D Fourier Transform and Convolution, Linear Spatial Filtering, Image Sampling and Rotation, Noise Reduction, and Mathematical Morphology for Image Processing. Note that assignments are not included since they are the source of academic credit for the Vanderbilt Course, EECE/CS 253. You may also download the actual Powerpoint (.PPT) slides at the Open Educational Resources web site of Vanderbilt University.

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