Universal has brought to market a new form of Artificial Intelligence, called Neocortex, that uses sensor information to learn. The software is independent of any hardware, allowing it be used for a host of applications from data analysis to robot and motor control. It allows companies to leverage the best sensors and equipment to expand flexible automation, while ensuring a measurable return on investment.

Universal sells application solutions that have up to three components.
     1) Sensing. In order to conduct activities within a work cell, understanding three dimensional space is critical. Universal engineers are experts at mixing sensors of appropriate wavelengths with other technologies to generate accurate 3D vision image guidance and inspection.
    2) Control. The company has developed motion control software allowing machines to react and move dynamically in real-time to random input. Engineers have deep knowledge of kinematics, path planning, and obstacle avoidance.
     3) Intelligence. Neocortex learns to handle never-seen-before objects in random locations dynamically. Its patented interactive machine learning techniques use memory and sensor data to increase flexibility in systems.